gephi network visualization by michael j. stamper

About the Informatics Lab

The Informatics lab was established as part of the Data Services unit with the goal of helping researchers across all disciplines to deal efficiently with their data. We promote the development of proficiencies in finding, generating, processing, analyzing and visualizing data, as well as data computation. We help members of the Virginia Tech community develop skills in data science and enhance the local and global impact of their data-enabled research and curricular innovations.

We’re here to help you

In the Informatics Lab, our data consultants walk through your research problem and help replace your data-related struggle with knowledge and practice.

The Informatics Lab Team

We are a team of highly qualified and capable data consultants specialized in different data related fields: Engineering, Science, Arts & Visualization and Social Science. Learn more about our consultants here

Our Collaborators

We collaborate with other teams and services in Virginia Tech to provide the best services to our clients. This includes:

Contact Us

You can use our contact form provided in this website, or reach us directly through And you are welcome to drop-in in our walk-in service hours.